How to Track RSVPs From Guests

It's easy to manage guest responses and plus ones with digital wedding invitations. Stay up-to-date on the latest RSVPs and see who plans to attend, who has declined, and who has yet to respond.

  1. Once you've sent your wedding invitations, you can go to your Dashboard at any time to manage your invitation and see who has responded. To start, click on the "Manage Invitation" button.

  1. Your Manage Invitation page provides real-time updates on your RSVPs. Accessible from any device, it's where you will go to view RSVP status.

  1. Scroll down the page to see the full guest list with the dates that the invitation has been sent and viewed by guests. You can also see the RSVP status and click into each guest to make manual changes.

  1. For guests who need a gentle nudge to RSVP, you can send Messages and Announcements. You will have the option to customize these types of messages based on RSVP status so you can send a message to all guests or specifically to those who have responded with a "Yes," "No," or are still "Undecided."

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