How to Add a Gift Registry to Your Invitation

Guests love to shower couples with gifts as part of the engagement through to the wedding. Make sure to include a link to your gift registry with our Gift Registry feature. This feature allows your guests to RSVP for your special day and select the perfect gift all in one seamless process!

  1. To begin, navigate to the "Add Guests" page and click on the "Set Options" button.

  1. On the "Invitation Options" page, toggle on the "Add a Gift Registry" option.

  1. Choose your preferred type of gift registry and insert the URL.

  1. Once set up, your guests will be able to easily access and explore your registry after they RSVP.

Which gift registries can you add to your invitation? Any of them! We know many couples create Wedding Lists on Amazon as well as a number of any other gift registry platforms. Simply grab the link for your specific registry and include it with your digital wedding invitation.

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